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Do you have a question for The Redwalls...

Hey, I'm Lil and I'm going to the SF gig *WILL* interview the band for my developing TV series. It's geared towards other musicians *however* i want to ask a wild card question from fans in my "Ask the Band" segment. I'm looking for GREAT, intelligent questions to ask, questions that you hope will generate lots of discussion from the guys when they answer. I'm going to be asking on Wed., Oct 31st, but would love to collect your Q's by the 30th. If you have Redwalls-specific questions, please post them in comments and I'll pick one or two to ask...also don't forget your NAME, CITY & STATE, and age please. Age is optional :) If your question is picked, I'll get in touch with you and give you details on the answer, etc.

My show will be called "Get Your Sh*t Together" and will be airing in 2008 sometime, possibly on 3 different internet sites. Details on that later :) If you rather email me the question, feel free at booking [at] starstruckpix [dot] com

Hope to hear from you soon & see you at the FILLMORE next week!!
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