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wait a minute...

Did Ben leave the band?

There's an article in the Chicago Reader (Thursday, Oct 18th issue) about The Redwalls being dropped from Capitol and there are two photos of Andrew, Justin, and Logan with a new guy, Rob Jensen. The article mentions that he's their fourth drummer, but nothing was written about what happened with Ben.

I've been trying to find info from a reliable source on this, but I haven't had any luck yet. I thought someone here might know what's going on.

I really hope he didn't leave (although it looks like that's the case). :(
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oh shit! seriously?
he did leave.
i've seen two shows with rob now.

but i dont know why he left.
Rob won't disappoint; he's really good.

But yeah, I would like to know why Ben left still . . . I think that would be kind of fair for us.
That's good to hear.

I thought they would've have at least made some sort of announcement that he was leaving.
oops. i meant "would've at least" not "would've have". my bad :P
it might've had something to do with his girlfriend... maybe? i mean they are gonna get married and all.when i talked tt him the night they played at Roxy,he said he was really missing spending time with her and stuff

*shrugs* perhaps he just wanted to go back to a normal life.
He's getting married? Wow, I had no idea.
He's already married, for a few months I believe.

But yeah, that's what I was thinking as well.

This article seems to hint that it could be the reason.


Really? Oh wow. That's got to be the reason then. It makes sense.

Thanks for the link.