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"This is just so offensive!"

I was watching my friend's family thrift/antique store today while they were down near Detroit for an antique show. I was told to play "suitable" music while the store was open, so I did.

So, thinking what was "suitable" and vintage-esque sounding, I played the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, etc. etc. etc.

I thought I would play some vintage-y sounding bands that I like that are current, like Nicole Atkins & the Sea, Locksley, some other bands, and our very own Redwalls. I was hoping maybe people would come up to me and say, "Oooo . . . what do you have playing here? I really like it!" . . . you know, some promotion of sorts (why not practice what I go to school for, right?)

It worked, but not the way I expected. The store had only been opened for about an hour, and I had the Redwalls' The Wall to Wall Sessions playing through the speakers. It wasn't too loud, and I made sure not to play anything with cursing, or controversial topics by them . . . because my hometown is conservative and I didn't want people crying about it. I know W2W doesn't have any of that.

So, "Edge of the Night" was playing, and this woman comes up to me asking if the older woman around the store was the owner [she was loading clothes and jewelry into her truck for the trip to the antique show, so she was there at the time.] I said yes, and asked if I could help her with something. The lady says, "This music . . . it's just so offensive. It's loud and unsuitable and I just feel so offended by it." [She's holding some milk white antique glass in one hand and waving the other all over like she was a Southern woman from the 1920s about to pass out from overexposure to the heat.] I looked at her, shocked by what she said, and responded with, "OH! I'm so sorry . . . uh . . . let me change it."

So, someone please tell me, how the hell is "Edge of the Night" offensive? It's about moving on and changing . . . it happens a lot. And the music wasn't even loud.

If the owner wasn't behind me, I would have told her, "What's your deal? Are you here to shop or to criticize the music?"

I could understand if I were playing "What a Shame" ['cause it's loud], or "Glory of War" ['cause it's about war and my hometown wouldn't agree with it]. But "Edge of the Night"?

Come on, now.

Ridiculous . . . I can't wait to get back to Chicago where people appreciate music.

On the up side, everyone else liked the Redwalls.

Anyway, just thought I would share this with you all. Thought you might either get a kick out of it or be as baffeled as I am.
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